Some inspiration!

We all need some inspiration in our life. We like to look at the athletes at the Olympics, professional dancers and Hollywood celebrities. Maybe, just a bit, we aspire to be like them. Occasionally, we meet people in our immediate circle that inspire us. And every once in a while, if we are lucky, we meet people that truly awe us with their abilities.

We have a person like that in our midst. Most of our members know Yelena. Always there to help with membership issues and quick to respond to emails. On the mat she is quiet, but truly inspiring. Very few women can do what she can. And now, at almost 7-months pregnant with twins, she is still doing kettlebell classes and pull-ups.

So, have a look at this short video, share it with a friend, and if you know someone who is pregnant, pass this along. It is nice to be inspired by real people around us.

Watch now: Exercise during pregnancy is possible

Some inspiration!