3 Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Life


1. Breath & Awareness

Breath is the foundation to any yoga class. Often, you’ll see a class start with everyone sitting, observing their breath. This allows us to connect with the breath and pay attention to the stress that we may be carrying in our body. This is a great tool to carry out into everyday life. Do you notice how stress starts to build in your body? Constriction in the breath? Tight muscles? Yoga builds awareness and connection.

2. Practice & Commitment

Showing up: Sometimes, that’s the hardest thing to do. If your goals focus on simply moving through many postures, or becoming as flexible as possible in a short time, you may never get there. Your body needs time to change and adapt. Yoga is about committing to consistent and mindful movement. You’ll gain flexibility and strength from a regular practice. Commitment is the key to unlocking the benefits of yoga. Comparison and perfectionism results in unhappiness. By choosing to show up and observe your breath and movement, you’ll gain what yoga has to offer.

3. Flow & Meditation

In flow, we link every movement from the beginning of the class to the end of the class with breath. Often, in daily life, we live in our heads. I, like many others, sit in front of a computer for 7+ hours a day at a desk job. I live in my mind. Taking time out to practice yoga gets you out of your head and into your body. You don’t have to sit still to meditate – flowing with yoga is a great way to find power that is much deeper than a set of postures on your mat.

3 Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Life