Meet Sarah, our new yoga instructor

Have you had a chance to try our new Yoga for strength series and meet Sarah Kozlowski? If not why not take a moment to find out why Sarah practices Yoga. Who knows maybe it will inspire you to practice as well.


Why I practice:

I have been practicing yoga on and off throughout my life. In the last few years, I have taken my practice more seriously. This eventually resulted in me receiving my teaching certification from Karma Teachers.


At first, yoga was something to help with relaxation. Dealing with the stresses of school and a full-time job left me feeling worn out, anxious, and overworked. At first, I started practicing at home following Youtube videos. Then I started attending classes regularly, and now I have a consistent Ashtanga practice. It’s something that has been slowly built over time.
I love how yoga helps connect your mind with your body. Right now, we are constantly connected online via our phones, computer, tablets, fitbits and a million other devices. Yoga is a way to disconnect from all of that and turn inward. I love yoga because it helps me observe my thoughts, turn off my mind, and find a connection with my body. I teach Yoga because I want to help you do the same.

Meet Sarah, our new yoga instructor